Passenger Services

Moor-Street-manDiscover why TOA Taxis is so highly regarded in the Birmingham area. Take a look at the breadth of services we offer: 

  • All our cabs can carry up to five passengers. Many of our cabs can carry six passengers in comfort, but please ask the operator when making a booking if you require a six-seater.
  • One of the superb new features of our integrated Cordic System is that when your driver is a couple of minutes away, he activates 'Text on Approach' from his keypad. Our office computer then texts you, so you know to make your way to the pick-up point. 
  • We store phone numbers and addresses of all regular users, so when you call our hotline number 0121 427 8888, we recognise who you are straightaway and are able access your details immediately.
  • A TOA Taxi will pick you up any place, anytime, whether it is at the airport or train station.

'Fare' Play

All tariffs are set by Birmingham City Council. Each cab is fitted with a meter which is regularly inspected by Trading Standards to ensure correct charging of fares.

TOA now offers on-line credit card bookings with 3D security via our Apps