Monday, 31 October 2016 10:08

TOA Taxis spreads Christmas cheer by dropping credit card surcharge in time for festive period

TOA Taxis is dropping its previous credit card surcharge of 10% down to just 4% in response to an increasing number of customers choosing to make payments by credit card. The new, reduced surcharge will be ready in time for Christmas!

We may be Birmingham’s oldest Taxi firm but we’re also one that strives to keep up with modern technology and advancements to make our customer experience as pleasant, comfortable and convenient as possible.  With more and more payments going electronic, we are moving with the times by making it an easier and cheaper method of payment for our customers. We have managed to negotiate with our current suppliers and managed to bring down the previous surcharge of 10% to just 4%, a considerable reduction of 6%.

This will make a huge difference to our customers and will mean more of them can opt to pay by credit card where they may have opted for another method with the previous surcharge. The 4% surcharge will be ready in time for Christmas to save our customers some much needed funds… Merry Christmas!

TOA now offers on-line credit card bookings with 3D security via our Apps