Thursday, 13 February 2014 10:37

TOA Taxis launch Zapper payment system

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 Birmingham’s oldest taxi firm, TOA Taxis, has added yet another venture to it’s  technical advances over the past year. It’s most recent addition is the launch of it’s  electronic Zapper payment

Zapper is an electronic payment processing system which uses proprietary QR Codes and smartphone technology to allow for faster, simpler and more secure payments. Zapper provides merchants with their own unique QR code, which they can present to their customers on an invoice, webpage - or in the case of TOA Taxis; a sign in each individual taxi’s passenger cabin.

To use the Zapper payment system, the passenger must download the free Zapper smartphone app (which takes a matter of seconds) and register. Once the passenger is registered, it is simply a matter of scanning the QR Code and entering the taxi fare, and then touching ‘pay’ to complete the transaction. The driver then gets an instant SMS notification that the passenger has paid. The Zapper app will retain the user’s bank account details so they will not need to be registered again and future transactions will be even quicker. 

All these details are encrypted on the passenger’s phone, and cannot be copied or retrieved. This is more secure than some other payment methods since the passenger does not give his card details to an operator over the phone, or to the driver to enter into their device. It is faster, and more convenient than waiting until the end of the journey for payment. For many TOA passengers, gone are the days of uncomfortably reaching to the partition window to present their cash or card, or waiting for the driver to enter the passenger cabin with the chip and pin machine. The payment experience is much faster than the alternative; passengers can scan the secure Zapper QR Code and pay at any time.

Zapper is efficient for both TOA passengers and drivers who receive payments directly (and within 3 days, not 2 weeks) and do not need to maintain hardware (charging PDQ machines, receipt paper and so on). There are no subscription, hardware or set-up costs with Zapper and it is commitment free. The driver keeps a 100% of the fare and fees are only charged when someone transacts. Furthermore, at only 2.7% + 20p, Zapper is an affordable and quick way for passengers to pay using their debit or credit card. Offering a fast, easy and affordable credit card option to passengers generates more jobs for drivers and all receipts are electronic, so the Zapper system is more environmentally viable too.

“We’re pleased to add the Zapper payment system to our recent catalogue of advances. We are consistently striving to be the best and most advanced taxi firm, and most importantly, to provide our customers with the simplest, most up-to-date and pleasant service. The Zapper system allows us to do this and make business for our drivers a lot more efficient.” Brian Lee, TOA Taxis Secretary





TOA now offers on-line credit card bookings with 3D security via our Apps