About TOA Taxis

Birmingham-coach-stationTOA stands for Taxi Owners' Association − a not-for-profit Friendly Society wholly owned and run by its members: the taxi drivers themselves. This arrangement is unique for a Birmingham taxi firm, and it helps TOA to attract high quality drivers and to offer them full control over their working lives, which has encouraged many TOA drivers to stay loyal to the company for decades.

Birmingham TOA has links with similar organisations across Britain, notably in Glasgow and London, with which it shares good practice, business ideas − and anecdotes like the one about Tommy Cooper promising a driver a drink after his journey, then passing him a teabag with the fare! Other celebrity TOA customers have included Peter Ustinov, UB40, numerous politicians and BBC Pebble Mill celebrities.

TOA Taxis also coordinate charity work, which includes organising an annual children's Christmas Panto and, most recently, the high profile Birmingham World War II veterans' trip to Arnhem, coordinated with the London Taxi Drivers' Association, for whose ceremonial send off then-Leader of the Council, Lord Mike Whitby and Mayor of London Boris Johnson enthusiastically climbed on board.


TOA now offers on-line credit card bookings with 3D security via our Apps